Performed by ABYC Surveyors at your location

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  • The American Boat & Yacht Council hosts in-water boat system checks by qualified marine surveyors.
  • The checklist includes systems such as electrical, fuel, exhaust, equipment, and much more.
  • Dates and times are flexible.
  • ABYC provides location with event guidelines/timeline, safety checklist, co-promotion, and suggested contacts.

Next Boat Check — Spring, 2015
Contact us at 410-990-4460 for information on conducting a Boat Safety Check in your area

Testimonies from Boaters ~

~ Great service and very helpful! Five stars ★★★★★ Well run and well worth the time. Thanks!

~ The guys who came on board were real pros who know their stuff, and hearing their opinions as to the status of my boat relative to various ABYC standards was great, although it meant putting more items on my maintenance list. Even for boat owners who are more focused on maintenance than I probably am, it's useful to have your boat looked over by these guys…Thank you ABYC!!

~ It's just me and my two children on the boat. It's nice to know that ABYC is giving me peace of mind.

Pictures are from ABYC’s 2012 and 2013 Boat System Checks.
August 25, 2012 @The Annapolis Maritime Museum
May 4, 2013 @Port Annapolis Marina